„WITRAKTOR” awarded for arrangement of exposition at Ramava!
SIA Witraktor stand was merited great public attention and won the prize "for inventive arrangement of exposition" from organisers at the annual exhibition "Spring 2009" at Ramava!
The annual exhibition "Spring 2009" took place on April 2-5 in Ramava. It was the second year in turn that SIA „Witraktor” participated at the exhibition with CATERPILLAR machinery. This year, we presented the following machines: CAT TH407 Telehandler (equipped with a grain bucket of 3000 l), CAT TH414 Telehandler (designed for construction work, equipped with a basket for lifting people at the height of 14m), CAT 444E Loader (in standard equipment with opening front bucket, pallet forks and rear excavation bucket ), CAT 428E Loader (with mechanical operation), as well as CAT 277C compact loader and generator 16kW. On the third day of the exhibition – Saturday, 4 April, by 17:00, the organisers had counted up 9000 visitors of the exhibition. Our colleagues "standing guard" in the „Witraktor” display told that there are usually more people visiting exhibition in the morning, and the afternoons are more "silent". The general observation is that the overall economic situation in the country certainly influences the purchasing capacity of farmers, and therefore visitors of the exhibition are considerably more reserved then in other years; many of them complain that banks refuse financing. In this respect, the news about the possibilities of CAT financing offered by SIA „Witraktor” has been in the right time and place for many agriculturists (more detailed information can be found in the homepage www.witraktor.lv, section "Topicalities", see the article „A new offer – Caterpillar Industrial Financing”). It should be noted that this year, the „Witraktor” stand attracted attention more than ever before, because there was not an ordinary tent next to the machinery, but a special Caterpillar container Roadshow or the cart – an impressive „house on wheels”, which was arranged in two storeys on the exhibition site and in which everything needed for exposition was placed – from the equipment like flags and banners to video and printed materials presenting the CAT machinery and also applicable at various seminars. On the ground floor, there is a glazed room with tables and chairs, TV, a tiny kitchen; on the top floor – a terrace with an overhang. Everybody coming to the Ramava exhibition this year could check on the impressive appearance of this construction, and the „Witraktor” people present at the exhibition could find that both big and little visitors admired our display – everybody could watch both the CAT machines and the whole exhibition from the top floor terrace and also take photos at heir liking. On Saturday at 17:00, the organisers of the exhibition expressed their appreciation to us by awarding the Witraktor display the prize „For inventive arrangement of exposition” It should also be noted that all the four days the weather was just beautifully spring-like and the atmosphere at the exhibition – sunny!

Pictures from exhibition "Ramava 2009" can be viewed here.