All in good time and place! Time - now, place - here...
and it's the right time for The CAT Rental Store®….

This trademark stands for machine rental services and is becoming more and more popular also in the Baltic states. The CAT Rental Store® is represented in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia by Avesco SIA, Avesco UAB and Avesco AS, which are already well known as enterprises acting as a local official dealers for Caterpillar® machines. It's not by chance that Avesco take care also of The CAT Rental Store®, as machines rental services is one of the Caterpillar® key fields of business.

In order to become even more competitive, powerful and better than before, the enterprise keeps working on innovation of new activities and adapting to the market demand. That’s how Caterpillar® came to the idea of The CAT Rental Store® seeing future in it, since there was an ever-rising demand to not only sell the production but also offer it for rent. Prior introduction of Caterpillar® identification standards for rental of its production, every dealer developed its own concept of machines rental service with regard to the trade marking but now (since 1997) the Caterpillar® dealers are slowly changing over to the CAT Rental Store® concept using a world-known trademark and keeping to the introduced integrated standards. The single trademark of The CAT Rental Store® is just 10 years old, which, at the very start, caused distrust among the dealers. It was hard for each Caterpillar® dealer change their existing company-integrated standards for machines rent to something new, integrated and agreed all over the world. Nevertheless, the Caterpillar® dealers did the right thing when doing their first insecure and cautious steps and taking the chance of changing over to a single identification mark in the machines rent business, thus managing to successfully develop their business not only by use of Caterpillar® products but also by production of other makes designed for the fields of construction, building, manufacturing, etc. There are several great building machines rental enterprises providing good service al over the world and The CAT Rental Store® is among them. Supposedly, there are no better or worse companies in this field of business, for everybody is trying to do their best and meet their clients’ needs – the difference lies solely in the philosophy, attitude and uniqueness peculiar to each company’s staff. The CAT Rental Store® has proved its uniqueness by offering both the reliable Caterpillar® tractors and generators and other products made by its business partners ensuring faster work performance and caring about better future.